Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Afternoon Tea at The Savoy

Grand entrance of The Savoy
Continuing with my focus on London, I recenly had afternoon tea at the famous Savoy Hotel in central London. It was a special treat and a very enjoyable occasion in Art Deco surrundings, with attentive waiters, delicious food, beautiful floral displays (never seen so many orchids!) and a pianist quietly playing a grand piano.

Plaque at The Savoy
Although I'm a Londoner, I didn't know much about The Savoy, apart from it being famous and visited (apart from me) by some famous people in the past. I also had no idea of how old it was - there has been a hotel or inn on this site for a long time, as a plaque in the entrance area showed. If it was good enough for Chaucer, it was certainly good enough for me!
The Tea!

OK, so it was a bit of a posh do, and the food was pretty good too, as was the tea (about 97 different varieties to choose from) but never did I feel overwhelmed. The waiters seem to have got it just right - efficient personal friendly service and a sense of humour to go with it. I put it down to good staff training. Most of them, too, are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. In fact, spending time in London I started to wonder if the whole place would come to a halt if the worst extremes of Brexit were to be expressed. All of these people, originally immigrants, are keeping London going. What would happen if they were to be "kicked out"? Perish the thought.

The afternoon tea was served. Warm scones on the top, wrapped in a napkin, sandwiches in the middle, then jam, divine lemon curd and clotted cream on the bottom - those to go with the scones. Cakes came separately, after the tea stand had been cleared away. The tea area is charming and not particularly "in your face" - just very pleasant indeed, with  glass rotunda in the centre.

Silver tea strainer
Glass rotunda
Small details are what I enjoy looking out for when I'm in the special, new experience zone, so I'll finish with a couple of things which caught my eye - the impressive display or orchids in the entrance to the afternoon tea area, and  the old-fashioned silver tea strainer set alongside my tea cup.
So many orchids!

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