Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The London Eye

The River Thames, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

I grew up in London so yes, I'm a Londoner, but I don't live there now. Sometimes it's good to go back and revisit some of the iconic places I knew as a child. It was always exciting to have a day out in central London, seeing the sights, hearing the chimes of Big Ben and checking my watch by it, going for a boat trip on the River Thames or feeding pigeons in Traflagar Square.

Since moving away, I've been back many times; sometimes to work, sometimes to visit relatives and sometimes to be a tourist in my home town. On these trips I've found London to be seedy, dirty, crowded but infinitely interesting. I've sat on a bench in Euston Square eating my packed lunch with a couple indulging in heavy petting under a coat on the next bench. Nobody gave them a second look - all too busy getting on with their own lives.

The London Eye
Since I left London many years ago, there have been a lot of new tourist attractions added to this historic capital city's arsenal of places to visit. The London Eye, the big wheel by the Thames, is one of them. It sits by Westminster Bridge and alongside London's County Hall, now home to a vast aquarium and other attractions.

Views of Westminster from above
A ride on the Eye is a must. It's slow and sedate and offers great views across the city, along the Thames, and way beyond to the countryside on the outskirts. Closer to home, it offers great views of Westminster's famous parliament buildings. If you want to splash out, you can have a champagne flight, with your own sommelier serving chilled champers whilst pointing out various sights from this lofty perspective.

All London is there beneath your feet, the old and the new. 

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