Monday, 28 November 2016

A dead rabbit on your head?

The current cold weather fashion accessory is a woollen bobble hat with a fur pompom on the top. Today I've seen several women wearing these. Although I've vaguely noticed hats like this before, it was only today when walking behind a young mum wearing one as she pushed her baby in a buggy, that I realised the pompom was probably made from the fur of a dead rabbit. Research reveals that some pompoms are made from dead raccoons, not indigenous to the UK but now obviously made welcome here as fashion accessories.

I find this all strangely distasteful. 

Would I want to wear a bit of a dead anuimal on my head? No. Definitely not. 

What purpose does the pompom serve, apart from being decorative? It can hardly contribute to keeping the wearer's head warm as it's perched on top, like a badge of office declaring the wearer is "on trend" in their choice of headgear.

Me? I prefer a real live rabbit any day, like this one I photographed a few years ago as it bobbed out from under a hedgerow.

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