Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Monster Jam

I had no idea what Monster Jam was but when staying with family in the US, who asked if I'd like to go, I said yes....after I'd asked what it was.

It's noisy, souped up cars with enormous wheels. They are driven around an obstacle course in a large stadium and have to complete a series of rounds, aiming to get a best time and not tip the entire car over in the process. In the centre of the arena there is a raised "hill" which the cars jump over.

I went to the event with a mixed group of children and adults, who thought I enjoyed it more than the children. It was fun, crazy, exciting, very noisy (we wore ear defenders) and the fuel used was non-polluting.

The stadium was full and outside there were stalls to buy junk food snacks and drinks (not my scene but you have to enter into the spirit of the thing, especially if you're hungry). 

Many of the cars are decorated as characters, such as the car shown above designed to look like Scooby Doo. It's impossible to see the driver because the cab is small and they wear protective headgear, but at the end of one winning round, Scooby's driver got out, off came the helmet, and down came a mane of long hair. Great to see a woman doing well!

Some cars don't make it over the central hump in the arena as they do a wheelie, and it was interesting to watch how the driver controls the landing by locking the wheels before they touch down.

Of course, they don't all make it and have to be towed off!

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