Monday, 19 December 2016

Aspects of Winter

Notre Dame and the left bank, Paris   
Wintry weak sunlight lights the top half of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on a cold December afternoon. The trees are bare and business is not brisk at the bookseller's stalls by the banks of the Seine. A few people hurry by, warm in their coats, not inclined to linger.
Family Christmas lunch

The table, set ready for Christmas lunch, smoked salmon starters in place, awaits the arrival of the family. Lunch is traditionally late (never at 1pm). The family have seized the best part of the day to enjoy a walk together, but now it's getting dark. Candles are lit and the warm room glows. The solstice has been and gone. The days are imperceptibly lengthening but it will be a few weeks yet before mornings and evenings begin to look lighter.

Snow arrives in Europe, lots of it. It covers everything in a soft white muffling blanket. Birds seek out food, scavenging in the snow with feet and beaks. The surroundings are strangely quiet and muted. It's magical. 
Snow-bound Buddha

A garden buddha statue is buried up to its neck in snow.
What would Buddha say? 

"Be here now"

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