Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Post-truth: beyond the buzz words

Is this notice telling you the truth?
The Oxford Dictionary has announced, as we enter the uncertainties of 2017, that the word of 2016 is "post-truth". It has travelled from the old year into this new year and will probably be around for a while yet.

We hear and read the word "post-truth" quite often, usually in media reports of all kinds, but what does post-truth actually mean? And do the journalists who use it acknowledge what it means? Do they spell it out for us, or are we left to wallow in this buzz word of the times?

"Post" as a prefix means after.......for example post-natal means the period of time after the birth of a baby.

So does post-truth mean after, beyond and way past the actual truth then? 

Isn't that lies? Isn't that lying? As in the telling of lies, telling "porkies", bending or perverting the truth, being economical with the acuality? 

Post-truth, for me, means lies and lying, news I can't trust and hey, did I really want to hear about it anyway?

Why should any of us believe what we are being fed via the media, in an era where news corporations (yes, and most likely governments too) make up news, or distort the facts to provoke an emotional, irrational response.

Why would any of us allow ourselves to be manipulated in this way?

The photo above is real, not made up, not post-truth. It's a genuine warning for visitors in a state park in Texas, where it's possible to get up close to alligators and snakes inthe wild. It's telling the truth.

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