Thursday, 26 January 2017

Brexit and a Collector's Item

I bought this laminated map of the EU countries and membership last year at an autoroute shop in France, wondering if it might eventually become a collector's item following the UK's Brexit vote last June. 

OK, so it's in French but it's pretty obvious which country is which, and it shows the full 28 members of the European Union. That in itself is interesting because it clearly demonstrates the 27 different, individual hurdles the UK will need to navigate in negotiations with those other 27 members if some form of divorce agreement is to be reached.

On the reverse is a map of the United States, showing all 50 of them. With the onset of Brexit and our supposed "special relationship" with America, I can't help but wonder if Britain might, in time, become the 51st.

4th July 1776 was the date that America gained its independence from Britain. It doesn't take much of an imaginative leap to see needy-of-trade-agreements Brexit-ridden Britain being welcomed back by the orange incumbent in the White House as the 51st State.

But I've not been sleeping that well recently so this may all be just a figment of my somewhat addled and disordered imagination.

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