Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Instructions for life

Go this way. It leads everywhere!

I photographed this sign in France. Translated literally, it says "All directions" and is seen frequently in French towns and cities, directing drivers to the road which will take them to a road which connects them to another road which, with a bit of luck, will set them on the right track to get to wherever they want to get to. 

It's a useful sign, especially if you're lost, or are not sure which direction to head in because you know it will take you to another sign which will point you towards your desired destination.

This works in theory. In practise it's not always that simple - but life never is! At times of crisis, we often need and seek direction; we're looking for a way out of the muddle we're in, and even something as open-ended as "all directions" is better than nothing at all.

Changing direction, seeking a new path, climbing out of the hole we find ourselves in takes energy and courage. There are risks involved, "what if..." doubts creep in. How useful it might be then, to have all options open and follow, for a while, the path of "Toutes directions" and be receptive to the new possibilites we might encounter along the way.

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