Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Market stall, Hamelin, Germany
It's hotting up for the annual Valentine's fest with cards, balloons, red hearts, chocolates and all the other commercial paraphenalia which appears at this time of year....and then promptly disappears when the sales opportunities move on.

As a teenager I was definitely interested in receiving Valentine cards, but soon grew out of it, as it seemed a fairly meaningless event in terms of what really matters. We might want to have a bit of fun and send an anonymous card or two to keep someone we have our eye on guessing a bit, but that seems to be the extent of it. Some couples do continue the tradition of cards, gifts, special meals and outings to celebrate their relationship, and perhaps this has more meaning. I did once make a Valentine's pie - a fruit pie decorated with carefully hand-cut heart shapes and baked for dessert. It was appreciated!

What does strike me is why does it have to be just on Valentine's Day that we are "nice" and loving to those around us? Why focus on this one time of year to appreciate them, honour them, be positive and caring towards them? Why not every day? Why not right now?

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